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설렁탕 Seolleongtang – Ox bone soup

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Seolleongtang is a very common dish appreciated by Koreans.

This soup is non-spicy and actually requires long hours of preparation.

Indeed, ox bones need to be boiled over and over for many hours before being served.

The soup comes with thin slices of meat and  some white noodles in it.

Usually, people add some salt and pepper, and some onion.


As you can see on the photo above, many Koreans mix their rice in the soup.

I don’t know about you, but most foreigners usually prefer the rice seperate.^^


When you eat Seolleongtang, another important thing is to have good Kimchi, to be more precise good Kkakdugi (깍뚜기, cubed radish kimchi)! If the Kkakdugi is good than 99% chances are, the soup will be good too! 

More generally speaking, Koreans often say that they can tell if a restaurant is good just by tasting the banchans (little side dishes).


If you happen to pass by the Namsan area, there are some excellent Seolleongtang restaurants near the Seoul Tower cable car station, and if you prefer the Gangnam area you can also try a famous place called 더큰집 (which means “the bigger house”) not too far from Sinsa station.


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