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The contest winners are as follows.

1, Grand Prize : Username [Jamie Frater], Culinary Vacation in Korea
2, Second Prize : Username [kmac1047], Samsung TL500(EX1) Camera
3, Third Prize : Username [mariewebb8], [Camille17], [AllergicAngel], Tray with mother of pearl.

Congratulations to the winners. Winners will be notified separately by e-mail. Winners should respond with their full name, home address and phone number. Once everything is approved, we will send you your prize.
In case that a winner is unreachable or unwilling to accept the prize, the prize will be canceled.

* In addition, thank you all for your blog entries, comments, registration to the site, participating in the contest and forums. We will be choosing people that participated in the site and send them gifts. Those who we choose will be contacted individually.


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Comment(s) (13)

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    Thanks so much for the opportunity Korea Taste! can’t wait to try again for first place next time!!

    • avatar

      We should thank you and all other contestants for the time you had put in to share your experiences and knowledge of Korean food. We hope that your love of Korean culture as well as food continues and to read more of your adventures with Korean food in more exciting events to come.
      Thank You!

  2. avatar

    Thank you very much,KoreaTaste. I am so pleasantly surprised and honored by even placing 3rd. I enjoyed contributing my recipes and dedicatng time on my blog specifically for allergy-safe Korean foods.

  3. avatar
    Jamie Frater

    thanks kmac1047 and eatplayluv :) I will definitely keep writing and I wish we could all meet together one day to share our Korean food and our love for it :)

    • avatar

      With all these silly wetbssei, such a great page keeps my internet hope alive.

    • avatar

      Was totally stuck until I read this, now back up and rugnnni.

  4. avatar
    Jamie Frater

    Thank you so much Korea Taste for selecting me as the winner. I really enjoyed writing my articles and reading those from everyone else!

    • avatar

      Congtratulations! I hope you continue to write here for those who keep logging in with anticipation to catch your articles, like me :) Well done!

    • avatar

      Congratulations Jamie! =) I would like to have a taste of your masterpiece after the culinary training! ;)

    • avatar
      Adrien 아드리안

      BRAVO BRAVO!!!~~

    • avatar

      Congratulations, Jamie! I have enjoyed reading your blog throughout this competition. I hope to enjoy more of your posts in the future.

    • avatar

      Many congrats, Jamie!!! I really enjoyed your posts and wished for your winning. Though your recipes looked authentic enough, now you can meet real Korean food as you wished. Have a good trip to Korea and I look forward to another great story about your trip.

    • avatar

      Congratulations Jamie!!! ^^ And to Kmac1047, mariewebb8 and allergicangel. thanks so much to Korea Taste ^^

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