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Bossam 보쌈

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Bossam (보쌈) is a Korean dish, which consists of pork and wraps (vegetables).
It taste best when accompanied with alcoholic drinks like your soju, makgeolli or maekju (beer). These variety of dishes that is eaten with alcohol are known as Anju (안주) in Korean.

Bossam Bossam being served at Sookdae Area, Seoul

love to eat Bossam with perilla (kkaenip in Korean). You can also have your Bossam with lettuce and it taste equally good. Those who want to have a little more spice in their bossam, you can also add raw garlic, pepper, saeujeot 새우젓 (shirmp paste), sweet kimchi and/or ssamjang 쌈장 (a kind of spicy paste)! Bossam is a very affordable dish in Korea which can be easily found in small restaurants.

Bossam can also be found in many Korean restaurant overseas. The above picture is a bossam-inspired Korean dish in a high-end restaurant located in Singapore. It cost about 5 times more than the ones you can find in Korea.

Bossam Singapore Bossam in a Korean restaurant in Singapore

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    yes! Bossam!!! my favorite!

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