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First Taste Of Korea…Yum!!

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A friend and I decided to check out K-town in New York. Also known as Korean Way. So we walked around going into the different shops and just enjoying the culture. Then came time for something to eat. Know this, I am an extremely picky eater so when my friend suggested we eat at a Korean BBQ I threatened her (out of love of course). ” If this food doesn’t taste good you are taking me to McDonald’s ” I said. “Fine Fine” she replied.

We decided what to eat, now the next question was where to eat. After walking back and forth pass the different restaurants we finally asked a very nice Korean man what he suggested. “I just had lunch earlier at Miss Korean. Very good” he said. “Alright were going to trust you on your suggestion” I said. The truth was my friend and I had been looking at this restaurant for a while now and that was the push we needed to commit.

After walking in and looking around I was hit in the face by the sights and smells of everything.” Wow” I thought to myself. So we were seated and had just a moment to take it all in. After doing so a waitress came over to take our order. What beef do you suggest I asked and was told the Sogalbi (a Marinated beef dish) was delicious. My friend ordered the Marinated De-boned Short ribs. After ordering someone came over and made a grill magically appear out of our table. Then came the sides. So much came out I wondered how were we going to eat all. Then came the meat. To hear the sizzle of the meat on the grill makes my mouth water to this day. After it was cooked to perfection and cut into pieces it was time to dig in. All I can say is mouth watering. It just melted in my mouth. I had never tasted anything that good.

Eating at Miss Korea was a great experience. The people that worked there were wonderful and we were invited to come back again.  An offer I take very seriously.

They say you never forget your first and I will never forget Miss Korea.



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