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Food of the Kings!

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Korean Food is very much conscious on appearance! =)

Here was my first attempt of Korean Cooking since I do not have a kitchen in my place: Bibimbap

You would notice its colorful. I should have put the Chili Paste on top of the egg (yellow). Sizes (lengths) of the food when you slice it must all be similar!
Some kind of Jeon. Each piece consists of 5 different ingredients: Carrots, Beef, Zuccini, Egg, Mushroom. You have to cut them with the same size, put them together. Slightly fry it with egg!
Some sweet snacks.. and Cucumber Finger as they call it in Korean.
The left photo is made of flour and kneaded into dough then deep friend. Glazed with sugar. These are all very tedious tasks to prepare. So I just can imagine the Jewel in the Palace Korean drama…. :)
Beef Patty as I coined it…
Grinded beef, mashed tofu! Slightly friend with Egg. You must not burn the egg when cooking! It must all look the same with similar size! :)

Refreshing soup!
Pear soup for Neng Myeon!
I have never eaten something like this in restaurants especially for the Cold Noodles: Neng Myeon. It is indeed only for the kings! :D

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