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What is Gamjatang 감자탕 really?

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What is Gamjatang exactly? Is it really a pot of hot potato soup?

You can naturally think so since “Gamja” in Korean means potato.

However, this is not the true explanation… “Gamja” also describes  a specific part of a pig.

Indeed, the main ingredient of this dish is actually porc meat cooked with its bones. It also contains potatos, mushrooms, and various other vegetables.

Usually, you  can also customize your Gamjatang with ramyeon noodles, pieces of rice cake (떡) and some other ingredients of your choice.

Many Koreans mix the soup from the hot pot with their rice. This might seem a bit strange at first but it is actually delicious…


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    I didn’t hear before about Gamjatang..interesting recipe.

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    always thought it was called Gamjatang because it had potatos in it ehhehe…

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