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Located throughout Seoul one will find Ebadom, a chain of restaurants that’s best known for their gamjatang (감가탕). A hearty potato and pork stew, this little number will make your taste buds dance.

Gamjatang is served to you in stew pots that are compiled with various goodies. The main ingredient, fully cooked bone-in pork spine, is delightfully seasoned and buried in a pile of other fresh fixings. Interlaced in the dish are sesame leaves, potatoes, enokitake mushrooms, spinach, green onions and button sized flattened rice cakes. You then add glass noodles to your liking and start to simmer the dish.

Ten minutes later you have a truly sensational blend of farm fresh veggies with tender pork. Take a piece and dip it in the house made deonjang, soy bean paste, or unique horseradish and mustard blend.

Eating this meal among friends is quite possibly one of the best parts about it. Like many Korean dishes, it is meant to be shared and promotes a social atmosphere mixed with soju and stories of the day. Sit back and relax while the succulent pork infuses with the myriad of flavors and voila! You have a truly wonderful way to spend the evening.

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    Do they allow 2 people to order gamjatang? It seems so huge!

  2. avatar

    I like that. Well, I like its soup very much. It’s some kind of…yummy.

  3. avatar

    I’m drooling! It’s going to be hard for me to share.

  4. avatar

    Ansan Answers, This is one of my favorite Korean foods. Thanks for the post and I hope to hear about more restaurants from you!

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    Simon Stawski

    Man, I haven’t had gamjatang in ages! Martina never wants to eat it!

    And thanks for posting this :D

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