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Highway food!!

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If you take your car and drive out of Seoul, you will find many service areas (휴게소) along the highway.
The great thing is that you can find all sorts of foods and snacks there, such as tokbokki, potatoes, dried squid…
Noodles are a favorite…wether it’s Ramen, or Udong like on the photo below!!
For those who like kimbap, you might as well try “Choongmu Kimbap” (충무김밥). It’s small plain kimbaps that you eat with kimchi.
If you feel like eating sweet, I recommand Hottok (호떡) which is a hot pancake with sugar inside. Be careful when you eat because the sugary liquid inside can leak and it’s HOT!
For all the bean paste (팥) lovers, you must try what they call “Hodu Kwaja” (호두과자) translated as “walnut cake” on the photo.
So now, you know what to eat next time you take the highway!!^^

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    i’ve tried the udong along the road of Yangju City. Average food but awesome and friendly service! I’ve got plentiful of Kimchi which really made my day :P

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    I like the roast potato.

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