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Kochi ( 꼬치 )

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Kochi is one of Korean popular snacks, mostly for students (also me :) like it very much).

Because it is some kind of easy food that you can eat all the time.

And where did you could find this kind of food? EVERYWHERE !! mostly on street shops, and also there is several restaurant served this kind of foods along with alcohol beverages.

or if you find an ODEN stall, sometimes they also provide Kochi besides ODEN.

The basic things they put on Kochi is usually rice cake (떡) and meat (chicken) which aready being grilled

and they made a bunch of meat mix with rice cake(or just meat or rice cake) on a thin bamboo stick.

Then put some sweet or spicy sauce as the topping or sometimes mustard and honey.

Below this, I put a delicious Kochi picture that I ate at Seoul, Myeondong. This is chicken skewer, the most common one and the rolled chicken with rice cake. In this Kochi type, the seller put some soy sauce,but if you dont like it, you could refuse not to use soy sauce on your kochi.

Myeondong is one of  the large street shops on Seoul and this area was very famous of  Korean snacks, include Kochi.

And there is a lot of variety of Kochi in Myeondong.

The most common one is chicken skewer or rice cake skewer with spicy sauce. But you also can find an unique one, like a  chicken mince rolled with rice cake inside and grilled together and mix with sauce ( see my picture above on the right part ).

I highly recommend all of you to try this food on Myeondong, besides it was really delicious, it also can provide energy for you to keep shopping :)


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