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Remedy for a common cold

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You’d probably heard of Koreans eating beansprout soup when they have a cold. Beansprouts are a big part of Korean cuisine as they are used in various dishes and one of the most popular banchans is 콩나물무침 beansprout salad, which is a major ingredients for Bibimbap.

As the temperature is dropping, many people are catching a cold. There are many home remedies out there and every culture has some special remedies whether they work or not. Still, trying them gives you a sense of comfort. I was first introduced to this soup when I got sick with a cold and then my friend cooked something for me, explaining how good it is for a cold. Touched by her thought, I tried it, though it didn’t look that appetiting, and I just felt that I was getting better.

So I asked her for a recipe and have been making it when I get a cold or feel under the weather. For this soup, the broth is very important because beansprouts on their own don’t give much flavour. People usually use dried anchovies for the broth and sometimes dried kelp with them.

As Koreans always come up with ways for convenience, they made this great tea bags with ground anchovies and kelp to make broth. 100% natural and additives free! I’m not sure if they are available overseas, but look out for them when in Korean grocery stores.

Other things you need besides beansprouts and anchovy broth are garlic, spring onions and tofu, and chili powder if you have a cold. Otherwise you can have it without the chili powder and enjoy the clean taste. It’s very easy to make as you just boil the cleaned beansprouts in the broth with garlic for 10 mins or so till they are soft, and then add tofu and spring onions and cook for 5 mins. When done, season with salt and chili power.

It can be eaten cold just like that in the cool weather or when you eat spicy food just to cool your burning mouth.


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