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When i say Bude, you say Jige~

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YES~! It`s big, it`s full, it`s delish, it`s BUDEJJIGE~!


This korean representative dish is one of my favourite! Not necessarily a fan of pork though, but the seafood and ttokbugi and all the other healthier additions make up for it!
It`s a little spicy, but you can discuss that when you are ordering! Also, as the photo shows, it`s a dish much more enjoyed with beautiful company!

Plus, it`s a big scale babe that you may not be able to handle alone, although you WILL be tempted not to share hehehe..,

As i always say, enough talking, here comes the photos~

Can`t wait, what a torture!!

For ramen, it`s an `all you can eat` policy !!



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