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Whole Radish Kimchi
Chonggak-kimchi is a type of Kimchi made of brined young radishes and their leaves. The word chonggak-kimchi came from the name of the young radish, chonggak-mu, which looked like the hairstyle of a young boy (chonggak) in olden days.


- 2.6 kg young radish
     400 g (2 cups) water
     160 g (1 cup) coarse salt
- 200 g small green onion
- glutinous rice soup

     200 g (1cup) water
     12 g (2 tbsp) glutinous rice powder
- seasoning
     50 g (¼ cup) salted anchovies
     40 g salted shrimps
     70 g (¾ cups) ground red pepper
     48 g (3 tbsp) minced garlic
     6 g (½ tbsp) minced ginger 30 g (2½ tbsp) sugar
     6 g (½ tbsp) salt

AMT after cook AMT per 1 Temp. Heat time Cook time Cooker
2.8kg(40 portions) 70g 4~10℃ 5 min 4 Hour  


1. Remove fine roots from the radish body, trim and wash cleanly. 【Photo 1】

2. Marinate the radish in coarse salt water for 3 hours (2.2 kg). Wash them in water and drain water on a strainer for 30 min. 【Photo 2】

3. Trim and wash small green onion and cut it into 4 cm-long (150 g).

4. Mince the solid ingredients of salted shrimps finely.


1. Put water and glutinous rice powder in the pot, mix, then boil it for 5 min. on high heat, and cool it down (130 g).

2. Mix the salted anchovies, salted shrimps, ground red pepper and glutinous rice soup together to make Kimchi seasoning.

3. Mix the marinated radish with prepared seasonings and other stuffs together, and season with sugar and salt. 【Photo 3】

4. Place them into a jar and press down. 【Photo 4】

Time Process Hear Control
Preparation Marinating young radish, Preparing stuffs  
0 min Boiling glutinous rice soup H-Heat 5 min
5 min Making Kimchi seasoning Mixing Kimchi with stuffs together Placing into a jar  


1.Small bundles of marinated mustard leaf and small green onion may be add to the whole radish Kimchi.
2.Dried red pepper after being soaked and ground may be substituted for the ground red pepper.

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