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Royal Casserole
Sinseollo is a casserole containing various meats, fish and vegetables in broth. The ingredients are placed around the pot according to color. Nuts and other delicacies accompany the meat, fish and vegetables in one pot. It provides an array of flavors and nutrients.


- broth
     200 g beef (brisket , shank)
     100 g radish
     1.6 ㎏ (8 cups) water
- seasoning sauce ①
     6 g (1 tsp) clear soy sauce
     2.3 g (½ tsp) minced green onion
     1.4 g (¼ tsp) minced garlic
- 3 g (1 tsp) clear soy sauce
- 6 g (½ tbsp) salt
- 100 g beef (top round)
- for dumplings
     50 g minced beef(top round)
     20 g tofu
- seasoning sauce ②
     g (½ tsp) clear soy sauce
     2.3 g (½ tsp) minced green onion 1.4 g (¼ tsp) minced garlic
     1 g (½ tsp) sesame salt
     0.1 g ground black pepper
     4 g (1 tsp) sesame oil
- 30 g tripe
     4 g (1 tsp) salt
     21 g (3 tbsp) wheat flour
- 간 30g 100 g (½ cups) milk
- 50 g spinal cord
- 50 g white flesh fish
- seasoning tripe·liver·spinal cord·white flesh fish
     4 g (1 tsp) salt 1.3 g (⅛ tsp) ground black pepper
- 30 g soaked sea slug
- 10 g (2 sheets) brown oak mushrooms
- 30 g carrot
     400 g (2 cups) water
     4 g (1 tsp) salt
- 240 g (4 ea) egg
- 20 g watercress 50 g (½ cup) wheat flour
- 65 g (5 tbsp) edible oil
- 10 g (2 ea) walnut
- 8 g (4 ea) gingko
- 3.5 g (1 tsp) pine nuts 

AMT after cook AMT per 1 Temp. Heat time Cook time Cooker
2㎏(4 portions) 500g 65~80℃ 1 Hour 15 min 3 Hour 18㎝ Sinsun Pot


1. Clean blood of broth beef with cotton cloths. Put the beef and water into the pot, heat it up for 9 min. on high heat. Lower the heat to medium, simmer it for 20 min. Add radish and continue to simmer for 20 min. Take out the beef and radish, cut them into 2 cm-wide, 3 cm-long and 0.5 cm-thick. Season with seasoning sauce ① (radish 80 g, beef 130 g). Filter the broth through cotton cloths and season with clear soy sauce and salt (1.2 kg).

2. Clean blood of beef with cotton cloths, shred it into 5 cm-long and 0.3 cm-wide/thick, season with 2/3 of seasoning ②. 

3. Clean blood of minced beef. Wrap the tofu with cotton cloths and mash by squeezing. Season the beef and tofu together with remained 1/3 of seasoning sauce ②, knead it, shape dumplings into 1.5 cm-diameter. Add salt and wheat flour to the tripe, clean it by fumbling, put some knife slits on it. Peel thin skin of the liver, slice it into 5 cm-wide, 6 cm-long and 0.3 cm-thick, marinate in the milk for 10 min. Uncoil the spinal cord and cut into 15 cm-long. Slice the white flesh of the fish into 5 cm-wide, 6 cm-long and 0.3 cm-thick. 【Photo 1】

4. Season the tripe, liver, spinal cord and fish flesh with salt and ground black pepper.

5. Cut the soaked sea slug into 2 cm-wide and 6 cm-long. 

6. Soak the dried brown oak mushrooms in water for 1 hour. remove stems, wipe water off with cotton cloths. Shred them into same size of sea slug. Trim and wash carrot, cut into 2 cm-wide, 6 cm-long and 0.4 cm-thick. 

7. Panfry egg for garnish, and panfry watercress after coating with wheat flour and beaten egg. Cut them into 2 cm-wide and 6 cm-long. Soak the walnut in hot water, and skin. Preheat the frying pan and oil. Stir-fry gingko for 2 min. on medium heat, then skin. Remove tops of the pine nuts and wipe the nuts with dry cotton cloths.【Photo 2】


1. Coat the dumplings with wheat flour and beaten egg. Preheat the frying pan and oil, panfry the dumplings for 2 min. on medium heat with rolling over.

2. Coat the tripe, liver, spinal cord and fish flesh with wheat flour and beaten egg. Preheat the frying pan, oil, panfry them on medium heat for 2 min. for each side. Cut them into 2 cm-wide and 6 cm-long. 【Photo 3】

3. Pour water into the pot, heat it up for 2 min. on high heat. When it boils, put the carrot and salt, scald for 20 sec.

4. Place the seasoned beef, shred radish and beef on the bottom of the Sinseollo pot. Decorate with prepared stuffs on the pot, and put the dumplings, walnuts, gingko and pine nuts on it. 【Photo 4】

5. Pour the broth into the Sinseollo pot, cover the lid. Place blazing charcoal under the funnel, boil it for 3 min.

Time Process Hear Control
Preparation Preparing beef. Shaping dumplings. Preparing frying stuffs, Preparing garnish  
0 min Simmering broth H-heat 9 min. M-heat 40 min.
40 min Seasoning beef and radish. Seasoning broth Pan-frying dumplings M-heat 2 min. M-heat 16 min
60 min Pan-frying stuffs. Scalding carrot Placing in the Sinseollo pot and boiling H-heat 2 min. and 20 sec. H-heat 3 min.


1. Adjust the length of the stuffs to the diameter of the pot.
2. It is an another choice to place the excess fried stuffs on the bottom of the pot.
3. Solidified alcohol can be substitute for charcoal.

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    Korea’s traditional food that combines a variety of materials either. Meat, seafood, vegetables and mixed with different kinds of eyes that see the food tasting will bring pleasure.

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